Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's been a while...


It was a rough ending to 2009. I moved and didn't realize how difficult it would be to pack and the UN-pack all of my beading supplies. End of year school things took over my time to continue with the official website, so it has been just as stagnant as this blog. But I made it! More updates and pictures will be added soon.

And now onto the ever exciting 2010...

I ended up having to scrap the entire 2009 Winter line - I had started some fantastic pieces, but there was just too much commotion with the move. No matter because being away from my beads and tools just put more fire in my desire to make beautiful things. A great Spring collection is underway and currently I have 5 necklaces with almost twice as many earrings to match them.

I finally have an Etsy Shop - link and details to come soon. That also means I am capable of accepting credit card transactions. I made sure to do as much research as I could before diving in with an account. I just have my fingers crossed I successfully make it through my first transaction!!!

I have changed the banner and profile picture on this blog to match my Etsy site, and soon hopefully as well on the official site. I'm trying to create a sense of balance and continuity across my online endeavours so that people will start branding my so-called "label" if you will. I decided to put a little astrix (*) before my label. Don't ask me why, but maybe it might help with the branding or maybe it just looks darn cute... either way I LIKE IT!

I also hope to have a photoshoot with some models this week. And by models I mean my beautiful friends. Besides, I think the ladies in my life are far more captivating and gorgeous... oh and yeah, free!

And here is my promise to keep you updated and in the know about *S Jewellery. I have decided to start honing in on specific and unique style. Before I used to tell my clients that I could do almost anything, that if they could imagine it I could create it. And heck, sure, I still can - but I was at the risk of losing my artistic identity. I realized I needed to start putting more of my personal touch into what I created and that would give me the edge to stand out among the rest. At first when I considered Etsy I was overwhelmed and almost scared to join. There were so many very talented jewellery creators already reaping the benefits of online sales. I didn't feel that I stood out or compared at all. I did weeks of browsing and researching trying to find where I fit in, or if at all. And that's when I realized there was a place for me in the Etsy community, I just had to prove it to myself more than anything. So this is where I think the true journey of my beading hobby turns into a potential career begins!

Until next time....

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