Thursday, October 15, 2009

Website created! Woods and Woods collection!

I have decided to minimize my efforts towards commissioned pieces. They were too time consuming and I really couldn't keep to individual's budgets unless it was a bulk order. However I am still willing to do unique pieces for people, just at a price where I will not be compromising my artisanal efforts. Instead I will be making collections, sets of pieces that will speak true to my abilities and creativity as a jeweler and artist.

I have also just created an "official" website for my jewelry. It will be a more formal place for me to show case pieces for sale. I figure this is where I will document the creative process for what I'm working on. I will post the url for it later as it is still under construction.

Today I will also be taking photos of a special collection that I'm creating for the clothing store, Woods & Woods, in Uxbridge. A collection mainly comprised of earrings which will complement their season's collection of clothing - deep purples, vibrant teals and classic red and blacks. I have tried to keep to three styles in mind for this collection. Double jointed dangles, mini-chandeliers and wrapped wire. I'm also using mainly Swarovski crystals, European crystals, freshwater pearls and silver plated wire. I will post some photos here after the shoot.

Until next time,

S Law

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